Sludge Dewatering

Sludge Dewatering in Cleaning Cooling Towers

Where does the sludge removed from the tower basin by the robot go? Most plants have seen roll-offs sitting for days, or even weeks, while the sludge "settles", the water decanted, and then the watery sludge is finally removed by a vacuum truck. Oftentimes, these roll-offs take up much-needed space in the plant or even block access to important equipment.

If roll-offs or vacuum boxes are not used, large, expensive, labor-intensive filter presses or other outdated equipment are used. Sometimes vacuum trucks are used directly and that becomes expensive very fast!

Enter the 21st century of dewatering with OLC Services and our partner company!

OLC Services is the only online cooling tower cleaning company utilizing a proprietary system that uses one trailer to dewater and transport up to thirty cubic feet of sludge (the clean water is returned to the cooling tower). This simple system only has one operator and replaces up to six conventional vac trucks or several roll-offs.

While this single trailer transports the dewatered sludge to an approved waste site, another trailer is easily moved into position so the online cleaning of the tower continues, with little interruption!

Now, That's Real Innovation!

 (But Isn't That What You Should Expect From the Best?)

 OLC Services