We Inspect Your Tanks Before Cleaning Your Cooling Towers

OLC utilizes ROVs that have capabilities that most other underwater tower inspection services cannot offer. The Deep Trekker patented pitching system allows the ROV to move horizontally, while looking down, forward, or up, all without stirring up sediment, providing you the best possible view of your tank or basin!

OLC ROVs are also used to inspect clearwater tanks before they are drained, to shorten the mobilization of repairs. Metal thickness inside the tanks can also be measured without draining, saving time and money!

OLC Services realizes that the visibility under the water may not be good enough for identifying the structure and debris in a cooling tower basin or tank.

That's why we utilize recognized leaders in underwater sonar for our inspections, as well as, actual cleaning operations.


One of the biggest, unspoken problems for robotic equipment in cooling towers is spatial orientation, knowing exactly where the robot is and the direction it is traveling. Some say a good camera and lights solve this issue. However, real-life applications show that a good camera can sometimes only provide a clear view two feet in any direction, and often much less. The direction of travel cannot be determined in this type of situation. The use of acoustical systems and GPS is proving to be helpful, but not very economical.

OLC Services has found new, affordable sonar technology that solves the spatial orientation question simply and affordably! Problem solved!

We always recommend a thorough inspection, using our underwater inspection equipment, before any job is quoted.

There actually are situations where a robot cannot remove the debris in the basin. If the debris is sludge, sand, scale, or mud-type debris, then the OLC Services robots can get the job done.

If the debris is timbered, corrugated asbestos or PVC panels, large tools, etc., it may be time to drain the system or contact a reputable dive company.

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