The Original Online Cooling Tower Cleaning Company

Efficient Cleaning Services for Cooling Towers of Any Size

The Original Online Cooling Tower Cleaning Company

Efficient Cleaning Services for Cooling Towers of Any Size

Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers

More Than 30 Years of Cooling Tower Cleaning Solutions

OLC Services has been cleaning cooling towers of all sizes and construction for over thirty years. Unlike some companies, we have always cleaned cooling towers while they remained in operation, using the hydraulics of the tower itself to help provide the most efficient cleaning in the industry. And, by using OLC, you are also working toward complying with ASHRAE 188 standards and helping reduce the potential of Legionella infection!

If you have a large cross-flow tower, our robot technology can provide a video-documented cleaning of your basin, regardless of the depth.

Industrial counter flow towers can also be cleaned by our trained robots. We can also provide an underwater video inspection of your tower using our ROVs, prior to any cleaning, or to determine if a cleaning is needed.

HVAC cooling towers deserve the same professional online cleaning as their "big brothers".

No robot is needed here just experienced professionals!

OLC means your system stays in service, with no shutdown and a cleaner system!

Our Story

Cleaning any size or type of cooling tower has always been akin to having a tooth pulled without an anesthetic. This problem was solved by a water treatment professional many years ago so the important task of removing debris from the cooling tower could be performed in an efficient and safe manner. As water treatment professionals, OLC Services understands the specialized needs of cooling towers. Add over twenty-five years working with underwater robots and you have an experienced team working for you!

Starting on a weekend-only basis, OLC Services has grown into a company known as the pioneer in the online cooling tower tech field. We also utilize the most advanced underwater inspection equipment to provide the client with a real-time view of what is in the tower basin. Underwater inspections have become much safer and easier with no divers or closed entry required. Others are entering the market and imitating the OLC Services technology and that's good for the market. After all, "imitation is the highest form of flattery"!

Today, OLC Services is THE ANSWER when "how to clean a cooling tower while in service?" is the question. We won't be learning on your tower, we will be doing it right the first time, every time! Contact us to see when we can give you an evaluation of your cooling tower system. After all, you have been waiting for the right company to clean your cooling tower. Now you have found it!


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